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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of our Hankies is donated to the maintenance of existing trails and to the creation of new ones for the enjoyment of all our fellow outdoor enthusiasts.
Trail Hankie was born of necessity for an all-purpose, all-weather trail map and multi-functional bandana.  It offers the user all the uses of a bandana along with trail maps and instructions for safety in the outdoors.
Welcome to Hiker Hank's Trail Hankie website.  Home of the Multi-Purpose Bandana.
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The Multi-Purpose 
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Our bandanas are 100% cotton and feature safety tips or trails of the great outdoors.  See our products page for the bandanas already available. 

We are developing Trail Hankies with maps of hiking trails, equestrian trails, atv trails, mountain bike trails, and waterways.  For a list of the bandanas coming soon, check our products page.

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