Buffalo River Hiking Trails
Trail Guidebook
By Tim Ernst:

This bestselling guide (third edition) has complete descriptions of over 30 hiking trails in the Buffalo River Area (including Hawksbill Crag). These trails range in length from less than a half mile, to more than twenty miles. This book is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to hike in the Buffalo area for an afternoon, or for an entire week.

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Buffalo River Trails -  The Buffalo River has long been known as one of the premier floating streams in the United States.  Only recently has a good trail system been developed, and now the area is attracting hikers from all over the country.  Quite frankly, the trails, and the scenery along them, are as remarkable as the River itself.

The Buffalo National River was established in 1972 as America's first National River.  What that means is that it is actually a National Park, and is administered by the National Park Service.  It contains 95,730 acres.  The River itself is quite simply one of the most scenic, free-flowing rivers in the United States.  With the exception of a small section of its headwaters, the entire course is protected by either the national park, or by the Upper Buffalo Wilderness.  The River begins high up in the Boston Mountains near Red Star and Fallsville, Arkansas.  It continues carving its way until it reaches the White River at Buffalo City.  The total length of the river is about 150 miles.
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Buffalo River Trails
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