Illinois River Hankies can be found at these locations.
Backwoods                               -  Tulsa, OK                   918.664.7850
Eagle Bluff Resort                 - Tahlequah, OK                   800.657.4837
All American Floats                - Tahlequah
Arrowhead Resort                 - Tahlequah, OK       800.749.1140
Diamond Head Resort            - Tahlequah, OK
Flacon Floats  - Tahlequah, Ok                              800.653.5628
Hanging Rock Camp                - Tahlequah, Ok
Peyton's Place                         - Tahlequah, Ok                          918.456.3847
Saprrow Hawk Camp  - Tahlequah, Ok                800.722.9635
War Eagle Floats                    - Tahlequah, Ok                    800.722.3834 

Illinois River
Dimensions: 21.5" x 21.5"  Material: 100% Cotton
Available colors:Turquoise, Golden Yellow, Khaki, Natural, Neon Green, Kelly Green, Columbia Blue, Orange Crush, White, Red
Trail Hankie
The Multi-Purpose
Hiker Hank
Illinois River
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The bandana is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment any backpacker, hiker, floater or camper can carry.  We just made it much more useful.  River RagsTM map out the river with all the points of interest and local outfitters.    
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