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Bufalo River Trails
Buffalo River Trail Hankies can be found at these locations.
Turner Bend Store                 - Cass, AR                   479.667.3641
Pack Rat Outdoor Center       - Fayetteville, AR                          479.521.6340
Lewis & Clark                           -Springdale, AR                 479.756.1344
Backwoods                               -  Tulsa, OK                   918.664.7850

Ozark Highlands Trail
Dimensions: 21.5" x 21.5"  Material: 100% Cotton
Available colors:Turquoise, Golden Yellow, Khaki, Natural, Neon Green, Kelly Green, Columbia Blue, Orange Crush, White, Red
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Hiker Hank
Ozark Highlands Trail West
Ozark Highlands Trail East
Trail Guidebook
By Tim Ernst.

This new, updated guide-book is the bible for OHT Hikers.  There is a complete mile-by-mile description of this 165-mile trail, which has been rated as one of the Top-Ten hiking trails in the United States. 

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Ozark Highlands Trail - Rated one of the top ten hiking trails in the United States by a readers' survey in Backpacker Magazine.  This trail has everything a hiker could wish for.  You will pass wonderful vistas, lots of waterfalls, spectacular bluffs, deep comforting pools to swim in and a variety of flora and fauna abound in the Ozark Forest.  The trail is approximately 155 miles beginning at the western point at Lock Road Trailhead north of Fort Smith, AR and ending at the eastern point of Woolum, AR on the Buffalo River. 

This trail can be hiked in several sections or one awesome thru-hike.  Some of the "must see" areas of this trail include: White Rock Mountain, Rock House at Cherry Bend, Hare Mountain, Haw Creek Falls, Marinoni Scenic Area, Natural Bridge, Hurricane Creek Wilderness, CCC Campsite, numerous old homesteads and cabin remains,and the Buffalo River.
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